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Patalliro is a series about the boy king "Patalliro". It's a long series with stories about the three main characters. It's a well-known comedy series in Japan that hasn't spread to a wide English-speaking audience for various reasons; including how long it is and how difficult it would be to translate a lot of the puns. But I decided to take a stab at it so that more people can (hopefully) enjoy this classic.

Patalliro Vol.1-5
Patalliro Vol.1 - Meet Patalliro, the insane prince of Malynera, and Bancoran, the man who has to keep him alive.
Patalliro Vol.2 - The last main character, Maraich, joins the cast.
Patalliro Vol.3 - Patalliro is having problems sleepwalking.
Patalliro Vol.4 - Someone who looks exactly like Maraich infiltrates MI6.
Patalliro Vol.5 - A group calling themselves "Tarantula" is stealing diamonds all over the world, but they seem to be one step ahead of Bancoran in every heist.

Patalliro Vol.6-10
Patalliro Vol.6 - Patalliro gets blasted into the past.
Patalliro Vol.7 - Patalliro accidentally creates a potion that turns people invisible.
Patalliro Vol.8 - The cast acts out The Tale of the 47 Ronin. Rashanu makes another appearance.
Patalliro Vol.9 - Maraich and Bancoran go out but find a body while they're at a party.
Patalliro Vol.10 - A few sadder stories from Patalliro.

Patalliro Vol.11-15
Patalliro Vol.11 - Purara is born.
Patalliro Vol.12 - A lengthy look into Bancoran's start at MI6 and his first lover, Damien Night.
Patalliro Vol.13 - More of the robots, more Zachary, more Maraich and more Bancoran.
Patalliro Vol.14 - Zachary decides to pursue Bancoran.
Patalliro Vol.15 - Pyotr causes havoc in everyone's daily lives to keep them from finding him.

Patalliro Vol.16-20
Patalliro Vol.16 - More robot chaos and time travel.
Patalliro Vol.17 - Things get serious when Bancoran's relative shows up.
Patalliro Vol.18 - Maraich and Patalliro try to handle Keen on their own and things go bad.
Patalliro Vol.19 - Bancoran and Maraich lay siege on Keen's castle.
Patalliro Vol.20 - The fight against Keen comes to an end, we learn more about Godot, Random is still lovesick and Hewitt discovers a new appreciation for Bancoran's patience with Patalliro.

Patalliro Vol.21-25
Patalliro Vol.21 - Patalliro has a suspicious pile of gold, a young boy attacks Maraich, Maraich takes on some of Bancoran's workload and more.
Patalliro Vol.22 - The manga takes a sudden detour into the demon world.
Patalliro Vol.23 - Astaroth's adventure finishes and we get back to our regularly scheduled program.
Patalliro Vol.24 - We learn more about the Tamanegi and Patalliro causes a lot of trouble with his lying and moneymaking schemes.
Patalliro Vol.25 - Patalliro learns that sometimes asking a favor isn't worth it.

Patalliro Vol.26-30
Patalliro Vol.26 - Bancoran has to deal with an unwanted crush from a rich company owner.
Patalliro Vol.27 - Patalliro goes after a dress thief and ponders building a robot that gives birth.
Patalliro Vol.28 - Maraich deals with a cursed tarot card deck and Patalliro meets a teacher who won't give up.
Patalliro Vol.29 - Patalliro deals with some nasty gods, Maraich goes after Dumont again and Patalliro ends up with a young girl stalking him.
Patalliro Vol.30 - Malynera disappears, Patalliro goes after Dumont with the help of cats, and Patalliro deals with some evil spirits.

Patalliro Vol.31-35
Patalliro Vol.31 - Patalliro learns how to stop time, tricks the Tamanegi and gets in a plane crash.
Patalliro Vol.32 - Dumont uses Ice Mikhail, Patalliro deals with demons and helps Bancoran infiltrate a gang.
Patalliro Vol.33 - Patalliro duels his 8 year old self, several Tamanegi have become infatuated with Bancoran and more.
Patalliro Vol.34 - Patalliro invents a telepathy machine and finds 6 psychic children, hires Maraich to help him sell diamonds and bumps in Hewitt near the Embassy in London.
Patalliro Vol.35 - Patalliro and Maraich keeps stumbling across a certain boy during an investigation, Maraich disovers an alien plot, Bancoran hires Patalliro to drive away a persistent girl, and Patalliro invents a machine that swaps people's faces.

Patalliro Vol.36-40
Patalliro Vol.36 - One of the Tamanegi fishes up a mermaid and Patalliro tries to catch a thieving master of disguise.
Patalliro Vol.37 - Patalliro parodies "Glass Mask", creates a giant lense in outer space and more.
Patalliro Vol.38 - Hewitt falls for a young girl he's supposed to protect, Maraich seeks help to deal with Bancoran's cheating, Patalliro invents a way to comprehend what people will say and a potter will do anything to maintain his high status in Malynera.
Patalliro Vol.39 - Patalliro has to deal with unusual diamond thieves and Super Cat falls in love.
Patalliro Vol.40 - Patalliro moves to Japan as Dr. Siewietlocke.

Patalliro Doujinshi - Doujinshi of Patalliro is hard to find, but I managed to find some. This section now has a password on it. Keep reading for the password.
1. The username is the name of the main character of the series.
2. The password is his names backwards (Ex: maraich - hciaram).
3. There are no capital letters in either.

When I first saw Patalliro, I thought it wasn't my type of manga because of the style and the way the main character looked. However, as I learned more and more about it, I became more interested in reading it.
Finally I ordered the manga series for myself. And this series looks like it's a hidden treasure.
If you're like me and think, "It doesn't look like my type", try reading the first chapter and getting a feel for the manga. You might be pleasantly surprised. The art is actually quite good, but people aren't used to the old-style artwork anymore and don't like to give it a chance.